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Research at the Division of Virology


Research Summary

The division is performing basic and applied research in the areas of virology and vaccinology. Our research is focussed on the molecular virology of HIV, HBV, HCV and influenza viruses. A central objective of our research is the characterization of virus host interactions regarding viral replication and virus-associated pathogenesis. Hereby we focus on the characterization of functional and structural prerequisites for viral replication and the identification of pathogenic mechanisms triggered by viral proteins. The detailed in vitro and in vivo characterization of virus-host interactions will serve to specifically investigate the function of viral and cellular proteins that have regulatory, immunomodulatory and/or pathogenic potential. Better comprehension of molecular pathogenesis in viral infection will lead to the rational improvement of diagnostic tools, prognostic markers and biological medicines.

Moreover, we work on the development of novel vaccines and biological products with improved safety and optimized efficacy. Here our priorities are to actively support vaccine development against AIDS, Hepatitis C virus, influenza and new emerging viral infections. With the use of up-to-date virus vector technologies and cell permeable virus like particles as epitope carrier, we have the opportunity to derive and evaluate new recombinant candidate vaccines with immediate relevance for (pre-)clinical research. In addition, the development of optimized nucleic acid amplification techniques is highly relevant for our research on the epidemiology of new and emerging viruses, virus safety testing, and for virus monitoring.

Team (in alphabetical order)

Denise Aigner (Bachelor Student)
Sami Akhras (PhD Student)
Ines Amberg (Technical Assistant)
Martina Barends Cabello (Master Student)
Andreas Bauer (Bachelor Student)
Heike Baumann (Technical Assistant)
Dr. Sally Baylis (Scientist)
Eva Berberich (MVD Student)
Marlene Biehl (PhD Student)
Dr. Johannes Blümel (Head of Viral Safety Section)
Sophia Brumhard (Bachelor Student)
Sarah Bunten (Bachelor Student)
Philipp Busse (Technical Assistant)
Gert Carra (Technical Assistant)
Dr. Michael Chudy (Acting Head of Molecular Virology Section)
Fabian Elgner (PhD Student)
Nicole Esly (Technical Assistant)
Melanie Ester (PhD Student)
Dagmar Fecht-Schwarz (Personal Assistant)
Jasminka Geise (Management Assistant)
Mirco Glitscher (Master Student)
Christine Hanker-Dusel (Technical Assistant)
Thekla Heinrich (PhD Student)
Andrea Henkes (Technical Assistant)
Lisa Henß (Technical Assistant)
Marie-Luise Herrlein (Master Student)
Prof. Dr. Eberhard Hildt (Head of Division of Virology)
Dr. Kiyoshi Himmelsbach (Scientist)
Younes Husria (PhD Student)
Bingfu Jiang (Scientist)
Joshua Kandler (Bachelor Student)
Angelika Klaus (Bachelor Student)
Roswitha Kleiber (Technical Assistant)
Claudia König (Technical Assistant)
Fabian Kortum (Master Student)
Carolina Kuge (Bachelor Student)
Magdalene Köstermenke (Technical Assistant)
Dr. Julia Kress (Scientist)
Carolina Kuge (Bachelor Student)
Chrystelle Duval Mague (Bachelor Student)
Judith Martin (PhD Student)
Regina Medvedev (PhD Student)
Marie Mühlhause (Technical College Trainee)
Britta Neumann (Technical Assistant)
Dr. C. Micha Nübling (Head of Molecular Virology Section)
Dr. Kai-Henrik Peiffer (Guest Scientist)
Antonio Pellegrino (Bachelor Student)
Christine Pfannkuch (Technical Assistant)
Dr. Daniela Ploen (Scientist)
Dr. Annette Reißinger (Scientist)
Huimei Ren (PhD Student)
Catarina Sabino (PhD Student)
Paul Schmanke (Master Student)
Anja Schollmeier (Bachelor Student)
Prof. Dr. Barbara Schnierle (Head of AIDS, New and Emerging Pathogens Section)
Dr. Astrid Schwantes (Scientist)
Dr. Hanna Sediri (Scientist)
Catrina Spengler (PhD Student)
Katja Steppich (Bachelor Student)
Lea Strauß (Technical Assistant)
Anett Stühler (Technical Assistant)
Dr. Albert Stühler (Scientist)
Christine von Rhein (Technical Assistant)
Frederike Tebbe (Bachelor Student)
Dr. Ralf Wagner (Head of Viral Vaccines Section)
Dr. Christopher Weber (Scientist)
Dr. Constanze Yue (Scientist)
Tobias Zahn (PhD Student)

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