Publikationen aus 2003

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Avidan O, Loya S, Tönjes RR, Sevilya Z, Hizi A (2003): Expression and characterization of a recombinant novel reverse transcriptase of a porcine endogenous retrovirus.
Virology 307: 341-357.

Ballmer-Weber BK, Scheurer S, Vieths S (2003): Update: Kreuzreaktivität zwischen Allergenen in Nahrungsmitteln und Birkenpollen.
Allergologie 26: 463-473.

Ballmer-Weber BK, Wangorsch A, Scheurer S: Recombinant food allergens in the diagnosis of pollen-related food allergy.
In: Löwer J, Becker WM, Vieths S (Hrsg.), Regulatory Control and Standardization of Allergenic Extracts: 10th International Paul-Ehrlich-Seminar October 2-5, 2002, Lübeck. Frankfurt a. M.: Sperlich, 2003. 192-196 ISBN 3-00-012888-3
(Arbeiten aus dem Paul-Ehrlich-Institut 94)

Brockow K, Hautmann C, Fötisch K, Rakoski J, Borelli S, Vieths S, Ring J (2003): Orange-induced skin lesions in patients with atopic eczema - evidence for a non-IgE-mediated pathomechanism.
Acta Derm Venerol 83: 44-48.

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ATLA 31: 429-454.

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Methods Mol Med 89: 513-528.

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Biol Chem 384: 1327-1332.

Eich S, Kusch M, Grundmann C, Hanker C, Seitz R, König H (2003): Factor VIII determination in patient's plasma and concentrates: a novel test equally suited for both matrices.
Blood Coagul Fibrinolysis 14: 347-353.

Erlwein O, Buchholz CJ, Schnierle BS (2003): The proline-rich region of the ecotropic Moloney murine leukaemia virus envelope protein tolerates the insertion of the green fluorescent protein and allows the generation of replication-competent virus.
J Gen Virol 84: 369-373.

Fernandes J, Reshef A, Patton L, Ayuso R, Reese G, Lehrer SB (2003): Immunoglobulin E antibody reactivity to the major shrimp allergen, tropomyosin, in unexposed Orthodox Jews.
Clin Exp Allergy 33: 956-961.

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Virology 311: 222-228.

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J Neurosci 23: 9116-9122.

Fötisch K, Westphal S, Lauer I, Retzek M, Altmann F, Kolarich D, Scheurer S, Vieths S (2003): Biological activity of IgE specific for cross-reactive carbohydrate determinants (CCD).
J Allergy Clin Immunol 111: 889-896.

Graul A, Heiden M, Gräf K, Keller-Stanislawski B (2003): Hämovigilanz in Deutschland - Bericht an das Paul-Ehrlich-Institut über Verdachtsfälle von Transfusionsreaktionen im Beobachtungszeitraum Januar 1995 bis Dezember 2002.
Transfus Med Hemother 30: 232-238.

Haigh JJ, Morelli PI, Gerhardt H, Haigh K, Tsien J, Damert A, Miquerol L, Muhlner U, Klein R, Ferrara N, Wagner EF, Betsholtz C, Nagy A (2003): Cortical and retinal defects caused by dosage-dependent reductions in VEGF-A paracrine signaling.
Dev Biol 262: 225-241.

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PNAS Epub Oct 20; 100: 12883-12888.

Hartinger J, Külbs D, Volkers P, Cussler K (2003): Suitability of temperature-sensitive transponders to measure body temperature during animal experiments required for regulatory tests.
ALTEX 20: 65-70.

Hartmann S, Sollwedel A, Hoffmann, A, Sonnenburg B, Lucius R (2003): Characterization of IgE responses in a rodent model of filariasis and the allergenic potential of filarial antigens using an in vitro assay.
Parasite Immunol 25: 9-16.

Hoff M, Ballmer-Weber BK, Niggemann B, Cistero-Bahima A, San Miguel-Moncín M, Conti A, Haustein D, Vieths S (2003): Molecular cloning and immunological characterization of potential allergens from the mold Fusarium culmorum.
Mol Immunol 39: 965-975.

Hoff M, Trueb RM, Ballmer-Weber K, Vieths S, Wüthrich B (2003): Immediate-type hypersensitivity reaction to ingestion of mycoprotein (Quorn) in a patient allergic to molds caused by acidic ribosomal protein P2.
J Allergy Clin Immunol 111: 1106-1110.

Hoffmann A, Kaul S, Fötisch K, Danz N, Lüttkopf D, Hatahet L, Kastner B, Vogel L, Höltz G, Vieths S (2003): Mediator release assays based on human and murine IgE: potential and limitations in allergen standardization.
Arbeiten aus dem Paul-Ehrlich-Institut 94: 76-85.

Hoffmann A, Werner E, Mergel A, Cußler K (2003): Unerwünschte Wirkungen nach Applikation immunologischer Arzneimittel beim Tier: Zusammenfassung der Meldungen im Zeitraum von 1998 bis 2002.
Dtsch Tierärztebl: 1246-1251.

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ALTEX 20: 11-15.

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J Allergy Clin Immunol 111: 1262-81.

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Kinder und Jugendarzt 34: 608-613.

Klein H, Mueller S, Loeschner B, Toenjes RR, Braun G, Mueller EC, Otto A, Montag T (2003): Cloning, sequencing and recombinant expression of the open reading frame encoding a novel member of the Sarcocystis muris (Apicomplexa) microneme lectin family.
Parasitol Res 90: 84-86.

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Proc Natl Acad Sci 100: 1298-1303.

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Immunogenetics 55: 521-529.

Krach U, Fischer N, Scheef G, Czauderna F, Tönjes RR: Xenogene porzine endogene Retroviren: Genetik und Wirtszellspezifität.
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Diabetologia 46: 870-871.

Lehrer SB, Ayuso R, Reese G (2003): Seafood allergy and allergens: a review.
Mar Biotechnol 5: 339-348.

Arbeiten aus dem Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (Bundesamt für Sera und Impfstoffe) Langen (Hessen).
Löwer J, Becker WM, Vieths S (Hrsg.), Regulatory Control and Standardization of Allergenic Extracts: 10th International Paul-Ehrlich-Seminar October 2-5, 2002, Lübeck. Frankfurt a. M.: Sperlich, 2003. 340 S. ISBN 3-00-012888-3
(Arbeiten aus dem Paul-Ehrlich-Institut 94)

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Virology 305: 106-114.

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Virology 313: 44-55.

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Cancer Res 63: 8735-8741.

Neudecker P, Lehmann K, Nerkamp J, Haase T, Wangorsch A, Fötisch K, Rösch P, Vieths S, Scheurer S (2003): Mutational epitope analysis of Pru av 1 and Api g 1, the major allergens of cherry (Prunus avium) and celery (Apium graveolens): correlating IgE reactivity with three-dimensional structure.
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(Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology 278)

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Bekanntmachung des Paul-Ehrlich-Institutes (2003): Bericht zur Meldung nach § 21 TFG für die Jahre 1999 und 2000.
Bundesgesundheitsbl-Gesundheitsforsch-Gesundheitsschutz 46: 1016-1032.

Roßkopf-Streicher U, Volkers P, Schindler M, Noeske K, Werner E (2003): Collaborative study on the validation of an indirect competition ELISA for detection of protective antibodies in rabbit sera against C. perfringens type B and D vaccines for veterinary use (batch potency test).
Final report BMBF Projekt Nr. 0312636.

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Pharmeuropa Bio 2003-2: 91-96.

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