Publikationen aus 2007

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Andersson K, Ballmer-Weber BK, Cistero-Bahima A, Östling J, Lauer I, Vieths S, Lidholm J (2007): Enhancement of hazelnut extract for IgE testing by recombinant allergen spiking.
Allergy 62: 897-904.

Antonis AFG, van der Most RG, Suezer Y, Stockhofe-Zurwieden N, Daus F, Sutter G, Schrijver RS (2007): Vaccination with recombinant modified vaccinia virus Ankara expressing bovine respiratory syncytial virus (bRSV) proteins protects calves against RSV challenge.
Vaccine 25: 4818-4827.

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Mol Nutr Food Res 51: 135-147.

Bach P, Kamphuis E, Odermatt B, Sutter G, Buchholz CJ, Kalinke U (2007): Vesicular stomatitis virus glycoprotein displaying retrovirus-like particles induce a type I IFN receptor-dependent switch to neutralizing IgG antibodies.
J Immunol 178: 5839-5847.

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J Allergy Clin Immunol 119: 1489-1496.

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Akt Neurol 34: 444-447.

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Immunol Rev 217: 96-104.

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J Virol 81: 4991-4999.

Cosma A, Nagaraj R, Staib C, Diemer C, Wopfner F, Schätzl H, Busch DH, Sutter G, Goebel FD, Erfle V (2007): Evaluation of modified vaccinia virus Ankara as an alternative vaccine against smallpox in chronically HIVType 1-infected individuals undergoing HAART.
AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses 23: 782-793.

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J Biol Chem 282: 37836-37843.

Denner J, Tönjes RR (2007): International symposium on xenotransplantation.
Xenotransplantation 14: 366-373.

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Virol J 4: 105.

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Emerg Infect Dis 13: 89-96.

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J Neurosci 27: 9451-9457.

El-Gogo S, Staib C, Meyr M, Erfle V, Sutter G, Adler H (2007): Recombinant murine gammaherpesvirus 68 (MHV-68) as challenge virus to test efficacy of vaccination against chronic virus infections in the mouse model.
Vaccine 25: 3934-3945.

Gabriel G, Abram M, Keiner B, Wagner R, Klenk HD, Stech J (2007): Differential polymerase activity in avian and mammalian cells determines host range of influenza virus.
J Virol 81: 9601-9604.

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J Virol 81: 11925-11936.

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J Med Virol 79: S32-S36.

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Allergy 62: 1243-1250.

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Mol Immunol 44: 2820-2830.

Hoff M, Son DY, Gubesch M, Ahn K, Lee SI, Vieths S, Goodman RE, Ballmer-Weber BK, Bannon GA (2007): Serum testing of genetically modified soybeans with special emphasis on potential allergenicity of the heterologous protein CP4 EPSPS.
Mol Nutr Food Res 51: 946-955.

Hoffmann A, Mergel A, Cußler K (2007): Pharmakovigilanzreport Tierimpfstoffe. Zur Statistik der im Jahr 2006 im Paul-Ehrlich-Institut eingegangenen Meldungen.
Deutsches Tierärzteblatt 12/2007: 1536-1539.

Ivaskevicius V, Seitz R, Kohler HP, Schroeder V, Muszbek L, Ariens RAS, Seifried E, Oldenburg J, The Study Group (2007): International Registry on Factor XIII Deficiency: A basis formed mostly on European data.
Thromb Haemost 97: 914-921.

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Clin Exp Allergy 37: 141-150.

Kegel B, Behrensdorf-Nicol HA, Bonifas U, Silberbach K, Klimek J, Krämer B, Weißer K (2007): An in vitro assay for detection of tetanus neurotoxin activity: Using antibodies for recognizing the proteolytically generated cleavage product.
Toxicol in Vitro 21: 1641-1649.

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J Virol 81: 2025-2030.

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J Infect Dis 195: 1598-1606.

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Vox Sang 92: 297-301.

Kwok T, Zabler D, Urman S, Rhode M, Hartig R, Wessler S, Misselwitz R, Berger J, Sewald N, König W, Backert S (2007): Helicobacter exploits integrin for type IV secretion and kinase activation.
Nature 449: 862-866.

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Virus Res 126: 1-8.

Lauer I, San Miguel-Moncin MM, Abel T, Foetisch K, Hartz C, Fortunato D, Cistero-Bahima A, Vieths S, Scheurer S (2007): Identification of a plane pollen lipid transfer protein (Pla a 3) and its immunological relation to the peach lipid-transfer protein, Pru p 3.
Clin Exp Allergy 37: 261-269.

Liedert B, Bassus S, Schneider C, Kalinke U, Löwer J (2007): Safety of Phase I clinical trials with monoclonal antibodies in Germany - the regulatory requirements viewed in the aftermath of the TGN1412 disaster.
Int J Clin Pharmacol Ther 45: 1-9.

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Clin Exp Allergy 37: 1854-1862.

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J Infect Dis 196: S237-S246.

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(Ernst Schering Foundation Symposium Proceedings 2006/1)

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J Allergy Clin Immunol 119: 944-951.

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Online-Abstract Text

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