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PEI Aktuell (German only):

All pages that have been recreated within the last four weeks.

PEI Aktuell
PEI Sicherheitsinformationen (German only):
Up-to-date information on the safety of medicinal products (including "Dear Doctor Letters")
PEI Sicherheitsinformationen

PEI Lieferengpässe (German only):

Up-to-date information on new supply shortages in human vaccines

PEI Lieferengpässe
PEI IVD Maßnahmen von Herstellern (German only):
Up-to-date customer information from manufacturers about IVD product recalls
PEI IVD Maßnahmen von Herstellern
PEI Schulungsmaterial (German only):
Current education materials on active substances or pharmaceuticals under the responsibility of the PEI
PEI Schulungsmaterial

PEI Stellenangebote:

Current job advertisements of the PEI

PEI Stellenangebote

PEI Veranstaltungen (German only):

Current events of the PEI

PEI Veranstaltungen

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Updated: 21.11.2019