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5th PEI-DKTK-Workshop – adaptive study concepts for innovative cancer therapies

Regulatory challenges in 'basket' and 'umbrella' studies

The testing of new medicinal products in humans is performed as clinical trials under strictly controlled conditions. Classical study concepts do not always meet the requirements of a transfer of successful cancer research to the clinical application which should occur as soon as possible (More information soon).

Professor Gerhard Krönke receives the Science award from the municipality of Langen (Langener Wissenschaftspreis)

"Separation of waste programme" of the immune system in focus

On Friday, 24. November 2017, the 39-year-old researcher Professor Gerhard Krönke received the Science Award of the Municipality of Langen (Langener Wissenschaftspreis), which is worth 15,000 Euro. The award was presented to him by State Secretary Lutz Stroppe of the Federal Ministry of Health (Bundesgesundheitsministerium, BMG) (More information soon).

The provision of vaccines is guaranteed

"The population in Germany is well supplied with vaccines." – This is the assessment of the current availability of vaccines by Professor Klaus Cichutek, president of the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut. "As a matter of course, the provision of vaccines must be guaranteed for the population, since gaps in the vaccination status may lead to insufficient immune protection which can be dangerous", says Professor Cichutek.

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