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License Applicants and Pharmaceutical Industry

Shelf with Files, Source: PEI

This section provides information for License Applicants and Pharmaceutical Industry. Topics are Marketing Authorisation, Batch Release, Fees and others. The information is provided for both human and veterinary Medicine.

Information on specific medicinal products (Latest 5)

The table below shows the latest 5 articels with information on specific medicinal products. Please note that most articles are available in German only.

Publications in the German Federal Gazette

The legally binding source for publishing information from the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut is the "Bundesanzeiger" (Federal Law Gazette). The table below shows the latest publications. This Information is only available in German.

Overview Publications in the Bundesanzeiger (Link to the German Section)

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New Articles

16.04.2018: Effects of Brexit: The Paul-Ehrlich-Institut is making preparations


25.09.2017: Paul Ehrlich Institut's scientific advice on oncology products provided to the German Cancer Consortium


28.03.2017: DZIF Office for Scientific and Regulatory Advice (DZIF-OSRA)


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Latest Press Release

02.05.2018: 'Health Ministry’s visit at the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut' – Thomas Müller, new head of the Medicinal Products Division of the German Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) visited the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (PEI) on 2 May 2018


23.04.2018: Fewer animal experiments in medicines testing: another success for the German federal institutes