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Annual Report 2015/16 of the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut published

Biomedicines are undergoing a rapid development: Checkpoint inhibitors and CAR-T-cells for the treatment of tumours, recombinant coagulation factors for the treatment and improvement of the quality of life of haemophilia patients, and vaccines for the prevention of infectious diseases such as Ebola, malaria and dengue fever, that present a world-wide hazard.

Cover PEI Annual Report 2015/16 (Credit: PEI) PEI Annual Report 2015/16

In 2015/16, the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut provided its services of authorisation of clinical trials and scientific advice for these medicines and acted as the rapporteur for the marketing authorisations of some of these products. It also followed up the risk/benefit ratio from the point of view of pharmacovigilance after they had received the marketing authorisation.

The PEI's research activities contribute to understanding the mechanisms of action of biomedicines, and thus the safety and efficacy of these products. Test methods undergo constant improvements.

As part of international networks, the PEI is a competent global player in the field of medicines, strategically and professionally – also at a national and a European level. In this context, clear guiding principles form the basis for neutrality and independence of the PEI.

In the annual report, you will find interesting interviews and articles on the strategy, research, regulatory work and organisation of the PEI. The report presents competent and committed members of staff who contribute to the work at the PEI. The section on facts and dates provides an overview of research projects, marketing authorisation services, financial matters, and publications.

The Annual Report 2015/16 of the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut is available as a pdf file. The printed version can be ordered as from June 2017.


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