Bi­ol­o­gy As­so­ci­a­tion

The Biologischer Verein e. V. (Biology Association) was established in December 1909 and can look back on an eventful history. It has a long history as a scientific association.

Its focus is on the advancement of science and research in the field of biology, in particular in experimental biology. Findings gained in these areas can be used in medicine and pharmacy in a beneficial way.

The association offers members and interested individuals a variety of services which focus on topics of science and popular science.

The Biologischer Verein e. V. traditionally co-operates closely with the Chemotherapeutisches Forschungsinstitut (Research Institute for Chemotherapy) in the Georg-Speyer House with which it exchanges information.


  • Award for the Advancement of Science from the Biologischer Verein: This award is granted each year for outstanding scientific performance of young scientists. It has a value of currently 1000 €. Applications are accepted from PhD students who have performed research at the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (PEI) or the Georg-Speyer-House. In August of the award year, applicants are invited to submit their documents by the first week in October of that same year. The award presentation always takes place around the 9 December, the founding date of the Biologischer Verein.
  • Presentations: The association offers presentations in the field of popular science. These include presentations on infection biology, vaccination protection, and advanced biotechnology medicines. It communicates scientific topics to the participants in a generally understandable manner, thus making research results transparent and easily accessible. An example is the development of genetically engineered medicines. The presentations take place in the PEI's lecture hall in Langen or in the Georg–Speyer House in Frankfurt.
  • Advancement of biomedical science at the PEI and the Research Institute for Chemotherapy at the Georg-Speyer-House: The association can provide scientific staff with financial and non-cash resources.
  • Funding of institutes operating in the field of biology: The association can provide financial and non-cash resources, e.g. for biology lessons at schools.
  • Promoting history knowledge: The association has communicated its eventful history since 1909.


The Biologischer Verein is registered at the registry court (Amtsgericht, Local Court) of Offenbach and the tax authority of Langen as recognised "as charitable" organisation. Its purpose in compliance with its articles of association is the advancement of science and research in the field of biology.

Its organisational bodies, apart from the general meeting, include the executive board (three persons) and the auditor. These persons are or were members of staff of the PEI or the Georg-Speyer House and fulfil their functions on a voluntary basis without remuneration.

The annual membership fee is € 15.


Biologischer Verein e.V.
c/o Paul-Ehrlich-Institut
Federal Institute for Vaccines and Biomedicines
Paul-Ehrlich-Str. 51-59
63225 Langen, Germany

Updated: 29.11.2019