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EQUAL Development Partnership

'Many things are possible – tandem partners in science'

People with disabilities working in research

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From 2005 – 2007, the PEI co-ordinated the Equal development partnership "Many things are possible – Tandem partners in science". This project was a model in employment market policy, and was funded by the European Union. Its purpose was to improve training/further qualification and employment opportunities for disabled people working in science and research.

The development partnership aimed at adapting the structures of the workplace to the needs of disabled people working in science. Disabled academics have become more confident. They wish to use the development partnership to raise the awareness of their skills and needs in the public as "experts for their own cause".

Efforts have also been made to provide better access to working aids for the disabled. Another declared goal was to extend the range of qualified jobs in science.

The involvement of private companies and universities served to help enhance the performance of the disabled in various fields. The development partnership intended to strengthen and increase the readiness of companies, authorities, and universities to provide more training and further education for the disabled.

Project partners included the Robert Koch-Institut (RKI), the Bundesakademie für öffentliche Verwaltung (BAköV, Federal Academy of Public Administration), as well as several universities and companies. These so-called operative and strategic partners provided the development partnership with their experience and expertise and seek effective methods and promising ways of offering disabled people positions in science.

"Many things are possible – tandem partners in science" acted as a model for other fields of research and science.


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