Tu­mor Vac­cines

Tumor vaccines are therapeutic vaccines that serve to treat cancer diseases and to convey an immune response to cancer cells. Thus, they differ from prophylactic vaccines that are used for the protection against infectious diseases such as the measles, influenza, etc.

Name De­scrip­tion Mar­ket­ing Au­tho­ri­sa­tion Hold­er Li­cense Num­ber Li­cense Date Further Information

Zy­tokin-ak­tivierte Killerzellen (CIK-Zellen), al­lo­gen, ≤ 1x108 CD3+CD56-T-Zellen/kg Kör­pergewicht in ≤ 100 ml In­fu­sions­dis­per­sion

Hu­mane, al­lo­gene CIK-Zellen in ein­er vom Spender ab­hängi­gen An­zahl an ak­tivierten CD3+CD25+CD56+ NK-like T-Zellen, CD3+CD56+ NK-like T-Zellen, CD3-CD56+ NK-Zellen, CD19+ B-Zellen, CD14+ Monozyten und an­deren Zellen

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PEI.A.11630.01.1 13.06.2014



The list of medicines contains the products that have a valid marketing authorization. It contains no information as to whether the preparations are available on the market.

The information contained in the Federal Gazette, which is the official publication organ of the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, is legally binding.

As of: PEI announcement No. 492 in BAnz AT 06.04.2022 B6.

Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPCs) and the Package Leaflet (PL)

Where the European Medicines Agency (EMA) offers further information, you will find a link to the EPAR (European public assessment report) in the table.

If user and technical information or public assessment reports are available in PharmNet.Bund, the Federal and State Pharmaceutical Information Portal, these are directly linked to PharmNet.Bund in the table.

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