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CARAMBA – Paul-Ehrlich-Institut is a partner in a European research project for cancer therapy

Early this year, an EU funded project was started on immune therapy of multiple myeloma, a particular form of blood cancer.

The treatment uses so-called CAR-T cells – one of the most promising tumour therapies.

This international research project consists of ten partners from six EU countries, including the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (PEI), and is led by the university hospital of Würzburg.

Multiple Myelom (Source: KGH / Wikimedia Commons)Multiple Myelom

Research scientists in the team of Dr Michael Hudecek at the university hospital of Würzburg and by Dr. Zoltán Ivics, head of division Medical Biotechnology at the PEI jointly developed a procedure which allows the efficient production of cells known as CAR-T-cells (immunological T-cells with chimeric antigen receptors) by using so-called "Sleeping Beauty"-Transposons.

CAR-T cells rank among the most promising tumour therapies.

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