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Checkpoint inhibitors prod exhausted immune cells into action

Researchers at the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut have succeeded in significantly increasing the killing of Leishmania parasite-infected cells by human immune cells in a new laboratory model using a checkpoint inhibitor. Perspectively, the findings may be useful for the development of immunotherapeutic strategies to combat leishmaniasis. The research results are reported in "Frontiers in Immunology" (published 22.12.2017).

Original publication

Filippis C, Arens K, Noubissi Nzeteu GA, Reichmann G, Waibler Z, Crauwels P, van Zandbergen G (2017): Nivolumab Enhances In Vitro Effector Functions of PD-1+ T-Lymphocytes and Leishmania-Infected Human Myeloid Cells in a Host Cell-Dependent Manner.
Front Immunol Dec 22 [Epub ahead of print].

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