Lan­gen Ju­nior Sci­ence Award

The Langen Junior Science Award (Langener Nachwuchswissenschaftspreis) is awarded by the Association for the Promotion of the Langen Science Award together with the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (PEI) and financed by the Savings Bank Langen (Sparkasse Langen). It pays tribute to particularly significant publications by junior scientists of the PEI. The annual awards ceremony traditionally takes place as part of the PEI research retreat. The prize is endowed with 2000 Euro.

YearAward Winners
2022Dr Laura Roßmann, Kevin Wittwer, Theofilos Filippos Charitidis
2021Dr Shiwani Agarwal, Julia Hanauer, Dr Cindy Hörner, Dr Christoph Schürmann, Jasmin Popp, Oliver Siering
2020Dr Saskia Kohlscheen, Dr Bingfu Jiang, Dr Simone Dudek
2019Dr Anett Pfeiffer, Dr Frederic Thalheimer, Dr Kerstin Schott, Dr Cindy Nürnberger, Dr Bianca Bodmer
2018Dr Stefan Schülke, Dr Alexander Muik, Dr Julia Uebele
2017Emina Wild, Dr Felix Husslik, Dr Ruben Bender
2016Dr Anke Muth, Dr Robert Münch, Dr Nina Hein-Fuchs, Anna-Helena Fiedler
2015Peter Crauwels, Dr Susanne Siebeneicher, Dr Axel Horn
2014Tobias Abel, Dr Elea Conrad, Theresa Resch, Dr Katrin Friedrich
2013Qi Zhou, Sabrina Weißmüller, Robert Münch
2012Dr Sabrina Kneissl, Tobias Abel

Updated: 06.09.2022