Lan­gen Sci­ence Award

The Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (PEI) awards the Langen Science Award jointly with the Municipal Authority of the City of Langen and the Stadtwerke Langen GmbH (Utility Company of the City of Langen). The award has a value of 15,000 Euro. It is funded by the Association for the Promotion of the Langen Science Award (Verein zur Förderung des Langener Wissenschaftspreises e.V.) and has been granted for special performances by scientists in the field of science research since 1993.

The award is given to remind the public of the scientific breakthroughs of one of the most significant personalities in the world of science: Paul Ehrlich. He was the founder of chemotherapy and co-founder of immunology. In 1908, Paul Ehrlich was awarded the Nobel Prize.

According to Paul Ehrlich’s intentions, the Langen Science Award serves to foster research in the areas of health that are important for humans and animals.

YearAward Winners
2021Prof. Dr. Thomas Oellerich
2019Prof. Dr. Daniela Krause
2017Prof. Dr. Gerhard Krönke
2015Prof. Dr. Florian Bassermann
2013PD Dr. Florian Heidel
2011Prof. Dr. David Vöhringer
2009PD Dr. Dominik Hartl
2007Prof. Dr. Jochen Hühn
2005Candidate group around Professor Dr. med. Christof von Kalle
2003Dr. Gabriele Niedermann
2001Prof. Dr. Reinhold Förster
1999Dr. Anne Vogt und Dr. Harald Kropshofer
1997PD Dr. Marcus Groettrup

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Updated: 09.12.2021