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Publications in 2006

Authors from the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut are highlighted in bold face type. Where online abstracts or full texts are available of the publications, there is a link to these texts.

Aichele P, Unsoeld H, Koshella M, Schweier O, Kalinke U, Vucikuja S (2006): CD8 T cells specific for lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus require type I IFN receptor for clonal expansion.
J Immunol 176: 4525-4529.

Akkerdaas JH, Schocker F, Vieths S, Versteeg S, Zuidmeer L, Hefle SL, Aalberse RC, Richter K, Ferreira F, van Ree R (2006): Cloning of oleosin, a putative new hazelnut allergen, using a hazelnut cDNA library.
Mol Nutr Food Res 50: 18-23.

Becker WM, Vogel L, Vieths S (2006): Standardization of allergen extracts for immunotherapy: where do we stand?.
Curr Opin Allergy Clin Immunol 6: 470-475.

Bloethner S, Hemminki K, Thirumaran RK, Chen B, Mueller-Berghaus J, Ugurel S, Schadendorf D, Kumar R (2006): Differences in global gene expression in melanoma cell lines with and without homozygous deletion of the CDKN2A locus genes..
Melanoma Res 16: 297-307.

Borrmann E, Schulze F, Cussler K, Hänel I, Diller R (2006): Development of a cell culture assay for the quantitative determination of vaccination-induced antibodies in rabbit sera against Clostridium perfringens epsilon toxin and Clostridium novyi alpha toxin.
Vet Microbiol 114: 41-50.

Brigulla M, Thiele T, Scharf C, Breitner-Ruddock S, Venz S, Volker U, Greinacher A (2006): Proteomics as a tool for assessment of therapeutics in transfusion medicine: evaluation of prothrombin complex concentrates.
Transfusion 46: 377-385.

Brown D, Volkers P, Day S (2006): An introductory note to CHMP guidelines: choice of the non-inferiority margin and data monitoring committees.
Stat Med 25: 1623-1627.

Buchholz CJ, Bach P, Nikles D, Kalinke U (2006): Prion protein-specific antibodies for therapeutic intervention of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies.
Expert Opin Biol Ther 6: 293-300.

Büscher K, Hahn S, Hofmann M, Trefzer U, Ozel M, Sterry W, Löwer J, Löwer R, Kurth R, Denner J (2006): Expression of the human endogenous retrovirus-K transmembrane envelope, Rec and Np9 proteins in melanomas and melanoma cell lines.
Melanoma Res 16: 223-234.

Chudy M, Schmidt M, Czudai V, Scheiblauer H, Nick S, Mosebach M, Hourfar MK, Seifried E, Roth WK, Grünelt E, Nübling CM (2006): Hepatitis B virus genotype G monoinfection and its transmission by blood components.
Hepatology 44: 99-107.

Crespo JF, Retzek M, Fötisch K, Sierra-Maestro E, Cid-Sanchez AB, Pascual CY, Conti A, Feliu A, Rodriguez J, Vieths S, Scheurer S (2006): Germin-like protein (Cit s 1) and profilin (Cit s 2) are major allergens in orange (Citrus sinensis) fruits.
Mol Nutr Food Res 50: 282-290.

Waal L, Süzer Y, Wyatt LS, Sintnicolaas K, Sutter G, Moss B, Osterhaus ADME, Swart RL (2006): T cell responses to respiratory syncytial virus fusion and attachment proteins in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells.
Viral Immunol 19: 669-678.

Denner J, Niemann H, Reichart B, Schmoeckel M, Schwinzer R, Tönjes RR (2006): International symposium on xenotransplantation.
Xenotransplantation 13: 576-587.

Denner J, Tönjes RR (2006): Response to editors' letter in Xenotransplantation on manuscripts on porcine endogenous retroviruses.
Xenotransplantation 13: 282-283.

Dodt J, Hunfeld A, Daas A, Buchheit KH (2006): Establishment of the Human Coagulation Factor VII Concentrate European Pharmacopoeia Biological Reference Preparation Batch 1.
Pharmeuropa Bio 2006-1: 15-22.

Fischer SF, Ludwig H, Holzapfel J, Kvansakul M, Chen L, Huang DC, Sutter G, Knese M, Hacker G (2006): Modified vaccinia virus Ankara protein F1L is a novel BH3-domain-binding protein and acts together with the early viral protein E3L to block virus-associated apoptosis.
Cell Death Differ 13: 109-118.

Gerlach N, Schimmer S, Weiss S, Kalinke U, Dittmer U (2006): Effects of type I interferons on Friend retrovirus infection.
J Virol 80: 3438-3444.

Gross S, Volkers P, Eckert-Ziem M, Kuschel S, Schäffner G (2006): Validation of in vitro Potency Assays for Tetanus Immunoglobulin.
Pharmeuropa Bio 2006-1: 1-6.

Gruijthuijsen YK, Grieshuber I, Stocklinger A, Tischler U, Fehrenbach T, Weller MG, Vogel L, Vieths S, Poschl U, Duschl A (2006): Nitration enhances the allergenic potential of proteins.
Int Arch Allergy Immunol 141: 265-275.

Hamdorf M, Muckenfuss H, Tschulena U, Cichutek K, Flory E (2006): An inducible T7 RNA polymerase-dependent expression system for generation of small interfering RNAs.
Mol Biotechnol 33: 13-22.

Hinz T, Buchholz CJ, van der Stappen T, Cichutek K, Kalinke U (2006): Manufacturing and quality control of cell-based tumor vaccines: a scientific and a regulatory perspective.
J Immunother 29: 472-476.

Hoffmann A, Mergel A, Cußler K (2006): Unerwünschte Wirkungen nach Applikation immunologischer Arzneimittel beim Tier: Zusammenfassung der im Jahr 2005 im Paul-Ehrlich-Institut eingegangenen Meldungen.
Dtsch Tierärztebl 54: 1338-1342.

Holzhauser T, Stephan O, Vieths S: Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) methods for the detection of allergenic foods.
In: Koppelman S, Hefle S (Hrsg.), Detecting allergens in food. Cambridge: Woodhead Publishing Limited, 2006. S. 125-143 ISBN 978-1-85573-728-0

Humer J, Waltenberger A, Grassauer A, Kurz M, Valencak J, Rapberger R, Hahn S, Löwer R, Wolff K, Bergmann M, Muster T, Mayer B, Pehamberger H (2006): Identification of a melanoma marker derived from melanoma-associated endogenous retroviruses.
Cancer Res 66: 1658-1663.

Ishii K, Coban C, Kato H, Takahashi K, Torii Y, Takeshita F, Ludwig H, Sutter G, Suzuki K, Hemmi H, Sato S, Yamamoto M, Uematsu S, Kawai T, Takeuchi O, Akira S (2006): A Toll-like receptor-independent antiviral response induced by double stranded B-form DNA.
Nat Immunol 7: 40-48.

Kalinke U, Bach P, König M, Buchholz C (2006): Vaccination against prion diseases.
Discov Med 6: 29-34.

Kalinke U (2006): Entwicklung neuer mAbs: Balanceakt zwischen Chancen und Risiken.
Laborwelt 7: 4-5.

Kamphuis E, Junt T, Waibler Z, Forster R, Kalinke U (2006): Type I interferons directly regulate lymphocyte recirculation and cause transient blood lymphopenia.
Blood 108: 3253-3261.

Kastenmüller W, Drexler I, Ludwig H, Erfle V, Peschel C, Bernhard H, Sutter G (2006): Infection of human dendritic cells with recombinant vaccinia virus MVA reveals general persistence of viral early transcription but distinct maturation dependent cytopathogenicity.
Virology 350: 276-288.

Kremer M, Suezer Y, Martinez-Fernandez Y, Münk C, Sutter G, Schnierle B (2006): Vaccinia virus replication is not affected by APOBEC3 family members.
Virol J 3: 86 (19 October 2006).

Kreß JA, Seitz R, Dodt J, Etscheid M (2006): Induction of intracellular signalling in human endothelial cells by the hyaluronan-binding protease involves two distinct pathways.
Biol Chem 387: 1275-1283.

Kusch M, Grundmann C, Keitel S, Seitz R, König H (2006): A novel assay for factor XIII based on cross-linking of synthetic peptides: analysis of different substrates.
Blood Coagul Fibrinolysis 17: 575-580.

Le Bon A, Durand V, Kamphuis E, Thompson C, Bulfone-Paus S, Rossmann C, Kalinke U, Tough DF (2006): Direct stimulation of T cells by type I IFN enhances the CD8+ T cell response during cross-priming.
J Immunol 176: 4682-4689.

Le Bon A, Thompson C, Kamphuis E, Durand V, Rossmann C, Kalinke U, Tough DF (2006): Cutting edge: enhancement of antibody responses through direct stimulation of B and T cells by type I IFN.
J Immunol 176: 2074-2078.

Le LQ, Mahler V, Lorenz Y, Scheurer S, Biemelt S, Vieths S, Sonnewald U (2006): Reduced allergenicity of tomato fruits harvested from Lyc e 1-silenced transgenic tomato plants.
J Allergy Clin Immunol 118: 1176-1183.

Le Q L, Lorenz Y, Scheurer S, Fötisch K, Enrique E, Bartra J, Biemelt S, Vieths S, Sonnewald U (2006): Design of tomato fruits with reduced allergenicity by ds-RNAi mediated inhibition of ns-LTP (Lyc e 3) expression.
Plant Biotechnol J 4: 231-241.

Lehmann K, Schweimer K, Reese G, Randow S, Suhr M, Becker WM, Vieths S, Rösch P (2006): Structure and stability of 2S albumin type peanut allergens: implications for the severity of peanut allergic reactions.
Biochem J 395: 463-472.

Lidholm J, Ballmer-Weber BK, Mari A, Vieths S (2006): Component resolved diagnostics in food allergy.
Curr Opin Allergy Clin Immunol 6: 234-240.

Liedert B, Bassus S, Schneider CK, Kalinke U, Löwer J: Sicherheitserfordernisse in klinischen Studien: TGN1412 - ein dramatischer Zwischenfall, der zahlreiche Fragen aufwirft.
In: Mietzsch A (Hrsg.), Kursbuch Biopolitik Vol 3. Berlin: BIOCOM AG, 2006. 168-182. ISBN 3-928383-24-8

Liedert B, Pluim D, Schellens J, Thomale J (2006): Adduct-specific monoclonal antibodies for the measurement of cisplatin-induced DNA lesions in individual cell nuclei.
Nucleic Acids Res 34: e47.

Lorenz Y, Enrique E, LeQuynh L, Fötisch K, Retzek M, Biemelt S, Sonnewald U, Vieths S, Scheurer S (2006): Skin prick tests reveal stable and heritable reduction of allergenic potency of gene-silenced tomato fruits.
J Allergy Clin Immunol 118: 711-718.

Lucchinetti E, Feng J, da Silva R, Tolstonog GV, Schaub MC, Schumann GG, Zaugg M (2006): Inhibition of LINE-1 Expression in the Heart Decreases Ischemic Damage by Activation of Akt/PKB Signaling.
Physiol Genomics 25: 314-324.

Ludwig H, Süzer Y, Waibler Z, Kalinke U, Schnierle B, Sutter G (2006): Double stranded RNA-binding protein E3 controls translation of viral intermediate RNA marking an essential step in the life cycle of modified vaccinia virus Ankara.
J Gen Virol 87: 1145-1155.

May S, Kaul S, Schröder C, Vieths S (2006): Therapieallergene zur spezifischen Immuntherapie - Zulassung und Qualitätskriterien aus der Sicht des Paul-Ehrlich-Instituts.
Hautarzt 57: 867-874.

Merten CA, Stitz J, Braun G, Medvedovska J, Cichutek K, Buchholz CJ (2006): Fusoselect: cell-cell fusion activity engineered by directed evolution of a retroviral glycoprotein.
Nucleic Acids Res 34: e41.

Mittag D, Batori V, Neudecker P, Wiche R, Friis EP, Ballmer-Weber BK, Vieths S, Roggen EL (2006): A novel approach for investigation of specific and cross-reactive IgE epitopes on Bet v 1 and homologous food allergens in individual patients.
Mol Immunol 43: 268-278.

Mohr H, Lambrecht B, Bayer A, Spengler HP, Nicol S, Montag T, Müller TH (2006): Basics of Flow Cytofluorometry-Based Sterility Testing of Platelet Concentrates.
Transfusion 46: 41-49.

Mohr H, Spengler HP, Lambrecht B, Bayer A, Nicol S, Montag T, Müller TH (2006): Sterility testing of platelet concentrates prepared from deliberately infected blood donations.
Transfusion 46: 486-491.

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In: Selbitz HJ, Moos M (Hrsg.), Tierärztliche Impfpraxis: Indikationen, Eigenschaften und Anwendungen von Tierimpfstoffen. 3. Aufl. Stuttgart: Enke, 2006. 1. ISBN 3-8304-1056-5

Moos M: Schutzimpfungen bei Fischen.
In: Selbitz HJ, Moos M (Hrsg.), Tierärztliche Impfpraxis: Indikationen, Eigenschaften und Anwendungen von Tierimpfstoffen. 3. Aufl. Stuttgart: Enke, 2006. 127-131. ISBN 3-8304-1056-5

Moos M: Schutzimpfungen bei Wild- und Zootieren.
In: Selbitz HJ, Moos M (Hrsg.), Tierärztliche Impfpraxis: Indikationen, Eigenschaften und Anwendungen von Tierimpfstoffen. 3. Aufl. Stuttgart: Enke, 2006. 132-137. ISBN 3-8304-1056-5

Moos M: Herstellung und Anwendung bestandsspezifischer Impfstoffe.
In: Selbitz HJ, Moos M (Hrsg.), Tierärztliche Impfpraxis: Indikationen, Eigenschaften und Anwendungen von Tierimpfstoffen. 3. Aufl. Stuttgart: Enke, 2006. 141-143. ISBN 3-8304-1056-5

Moos M: Ziele von Schutzimpfungen, Einordnung in die Seuchenbekämpfung.
In: Selbitz HJ, Moos M (Hrsg.), Tierärztliche Impfpraxis: Indikationen, Eigenschaften und Anwendungen von Tierimpfstoffen. 3. Aufl. Stuttgart: Enke, 2006. 2-4. ISBN 3-8304-1056-5

Muckenfuss H, Hamdorf M, Held U, Perkovic M, Löwer J, Cichutek K, Flory E, Schumann GG, Münk C (2006): APOBEC3 proteins inhibit human LINE-1 retrotransposition.
J Biol Chem 281: 22161-22172.

Muckenfuss H, Sanzenbacher R, Hamdorf M, Tschulena U, Avots A, Cichutek K, Flory E (2006): Interleukin-2 induction by simian immunodeficiency virus involves MAP Kinase signalling but is independent on Calcineurin/NF-AT activity.
Mol Immunol 43: 1172-1182.

Müller-Berghaus J, Ehlert K, Ugurel S, Umansky V, Bucur M, Schirrmacher V, Beckhove P, Schadendorf D (2006): Melanoma-reactive T cells in the bone marrow of melanoma patients: association with disease stage and disease duration.
Cancer Res 66: 5997-6001.

Neumann J, Stitz J, König R, Seibold E, Norley S, Flory E, Cichutek K (2006): Retroviral vectors for vaccine development: Induction of HIV-1-specific humoral and cellular immune responses in rhesus macaques using a novel MLV(HIV-1) pseudotype vector.
J Biotechnol 124: 615-625.

Niehues T, Baumann U, Buchholz B, Dunsch D, Funk MB, Könics C, Edelhäuser M, Neubert J, Notheis G, Wintergerst U (2006): Empfehlungen zur antiretroviralen Therapie bei HIV-infizierten Kindern: Konsensus-Statement der Pädiatrischen Arbeitsgemeinschaft AIDS (PAAD) und der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Pädiatrische Infektiologie (DGPI).
Monatsschrift Kinderheilkunde 154: 565-577.

Ottiger HP, Niemeier-Förster M, Stärk KDC, Duchow K, Bruckner L (2006): Serological response of adult dogs to revaccination against distemper, parvovirus and rabies.
Vet Rec 159: 7-12.

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Dev Biol 126: 197-201.

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Laboratory Primate Newsletter 45: 7-10.

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Am J Primatol 68: 838-844.

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Mol Nutr Food Res 50: 645-654.

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J Virol 80: 10258-10261.

Reese G, Schicktanz S, Lauer I, Randow S, Lüttkopf D, Vogel L, Lehrer SB, Vieths S (2006): Structural, immunological and functional properties of natural and recombinant Pen a 1, the major allergen of brown shrimp, Penaeus aztecus.
Clin Exp Allergy 36: 517-524.

Reuter A, Lidholm J, Andersson K, Östling J, Lundberg M, Scheurer S, Enrique E, Cistero-Bahima A, Miguel Moncin MS, Ballmer-Weber BK, Vieths S (2006): A critical assessment of allergen component-based in vitro diagnosis in cherry allergy across Europe.
Clin Exp Allergy 36: 815-823.

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Transfus Med Hemother 33: 274-278.

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Nat Biotechnol 24: 493-496.

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J Gen Virol 87: 2917-21.

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J Gen Virol 87: 1577-1581.

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Blood 107: 1476-1483.

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