Three reasons why the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (PEI) could be an attractive employer for you.

1. Working in the innovative sector of Life Sciences

More than 800 people at the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (PEI) are committed to safety, quality, and efficacy of vaccines and biomedicines. They assess the benefit/risk profile of these medicines, perform fundamental and drug regulation-related science, and provide assistance as scientific advisers in medicines development. Our experts are networked with national and global players in the life sciences and act as competent contacts for the public, science, health-care, politics, and economics. Many of them work in important positions in the bodies of European medicines agencies. In short: They actively assist medicines development in Germany, Europe, and world-wide, and support rapid access to innovative therapies.

Being a modern federal institute, we can also offer challenging positions to candidates outside the sciences to including jobs that promote digitalisation in the administration and the technical infrastructure of a modern research institute.

2. Your career in a scientific environment

The PEI is characterised by an open, encouraging work culture. We value all members of staff. More than half of all members of staff are scientists from various areas of life science, above all medicine, biology, chemistry, biotechnology, bioinformatics, etc. They form an interdisciplinary cosmos for developing innovative solutions.

Above all also for health care professionals, the PEI offers challenging tasks in the context of the overall medicines life cycle, from the development of an active ingredient via clinical trials right down to the assessment of adverse effects.

The PEI furthers talented junior researchers who take important steps of their career at the PEI as PhD students, post-docs, or heads as research groups. As alumni, they infer a good reputation upon the PEI, just as the Nobel Prize Winner, Paul Ehrlich, did in those days.

We also attach importance to comprehensive vocational training of young people in various vocations. In our laboratories, apprentices learn the skills needed for a successful start in their future career.

3. Excellent commitment to our staff

As the Federal Institute for Vaccines and Biomedicines, PEI is an employer in the public sector with all advantages involved. We provide excellent opportunities to promote a work-life balance, giving members of staff the time for family life as well. Equal opportunities and inclusion of people with disabilities is a reality at PEI which is implemented in practice.



Updated: 26.08.2020