Ju­nior Sci­en­tists

Group Photo Junior Scientists (Source: PEI)

Furthering junior scientists is of highest priority at the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (PEI). This includes comprehensive training and additional development programmes for members of staff of all levels of qualification, from bachelor/master students, via PhD students to researchers who become heads of their first research group or even their first professorship.

At PEI, we provide a targeted preparation for young scientists for their future career in the areas of fundamental research, medicines development and marketing authorisation of medicines. For this purpose, PEI has introduced its own training and qualification programme. One special feature is that a part of the specific educational content is based on the uniqueness of a medicines agency that performs research. This programme assures a best possible support of PhD students during their entire PhD period.

All junior scientists meet at the annual research seminar that takes place for several days to present their research work. For this purpose, we grant three awards for excellent research work to further junior scientists.

Participants Research Seminar (Source: PEI)

Updated: 21.11.2019