Work­ing at the PEI

Employment, salary, and social benefits

Concerning employment, salary, and social benefits, the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (PEI) adheres to the rules laid down in the collective bargaining agreement of the federal government (Tarifvertrag für den öffentlichen Dienst des Bundes [TvöD Bund]). Thus, the freedom of decision-making regarding remuneration at PEI has its limits. On the other hand, employment in the public services also offers various possibilities of additional retirement pension schemes, favourable insurance rates, or flexible working hours.  

Flexible working hours

Work-Life-Balance means quality of life: PEI offers a variety of schemes regarding flexible working hours, making it easier to integrate the challenges of family life into an employee’s working world.

A modern working environment

We regard a modern workplace in the office and the lab with ergonomic equipment as important, and at the same time, offer employees the opportunity to work from home. On site, all employees of PEI can make use of the in-house cafeteria or the canteen of the adjacent air traffic controllers’ institute (Deutsche Flugsicherung DFS). The institute also has good public transport connections (bus stop in front of the institute, a near-by connection to a commuter train line).

Trainings, further education

Training and personnel development are central modules of our personnel policy. We offer training programmes tailor-made for our members of staff in all relevant subjects, of all levels of experience, and at all management levels. We also help members of staff select suitable qualification measures.

Promotion of health

Occupational health checks and measures to strengthen health care are in the centre of our occupational health management. For this purpose, we also offer for example seminars, influenza vaccinations, and sport training courses to our employees.

Updated: 21.11.2019