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10th International Paul-Ehrlich-Seminar 2002


Wednesday, 02.10.2002


Saturday, 05.10.2002




Stefan Vieths

The 10th International Paul-Ehrlich-Seminar will take place this year in Lübeck, Germany, October 2 - 5, 2002. The general purpose of the International Paul-Ehrlich-Seminar Series is to promote standardization of allergen products and harmonize the implementation of rules and regulations governing the commercial usage of allergen products. Furthermore, its aim is to promote development and improvement of control methods and standardization procedures for current and novel forms of biological products in close collaboration with manufacturers, clinicians and laboratory scientists, and the seminar serves as a platform for discussion of representatives from regulatory agencies, industry and scientific community (experimental and clinical aspects) on an equal basis. In this regard, it is not a typical scientific congress since it does not compete with meetings organized by scientific organizations.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Vieths, the head of the Laboratory for Development and Standardization of the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, shares the Chairmanship of the Seminar with Dr. Wolf-Meinhard Becker who is the head of the Section of Biochemical and Molecular Allergology of the Borstel Research Center, Borstel, Germany.


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