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Conference on Transposition and Genome Engineering 2013 (CTGE)


Wednesday, 18.09.2013, 17:45 PM


Saturday, 21.09.2013, 14:30 PM


Thermal Hotel Margitsziget, Budapest, Hungary

Banner Conference on Transposition and Genome Engineering 2013 (CTGE) (Source: CTGE)

The objective of the meeting is to highlight recent advances in research and genetic applications of transposable elements and genome engineering technologies based on site-specific endonucleases. Thus, this unique conference will allow scientists from these interrelated fields to share information about exciting new findings, outstanding questions and promising applications. Sessions are planned to include mechanism and regulation of transposition; host-transposon interactions; transposons as molecular tools for gene discovery using insertional mutagenesis; design, development and applications of artificial restriction enzymes including zinc finger nucleases and TALENs, iPSC reprogramming, and therapeutic transgene delivery for human applications.

The conference will serve as a key forum for information exchange on the development of transposon-based as well as other genome engineering tools for new genetic applications from functional genomics to molecular medicine.

Dr. Zoltán Ivics (PEI)


Phone: +49 6103 77 6000

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